- The Crusade -

1165 Major Cathar and Catholics Conference near Albi.
1167 Cathar Council of Saint-Félix de Caraman (Lauragais).
Creation of the four Cathar bishoprics Albi, Agen,
Carcassonne and Toulouse.
1198 Coronation of Pope Innocent III, who will preach the Crusades against the Cathars.
1204 Raymond de Péreille leaves the castle of
at the Cathar's request Montségur rebuild.
1206 Dominic Guzman founds a nunnery in Prouille.
1208 Assassination of the papal legate Pierre de Castelnau near St. Gilles.
1209 Beginning of the Crusade preached by Pope Innocent III against the
Albigensians, plunder of Béziers. The case of Carcassonne , betrayal and death of Vicomte de Trencavel.
Simon de Montfort becomes Commander of the Crusade appointed.
First burns of Cathars.
1210 Maiming of the inhabitants of Bram.
Fall of the fortresses Minerve, Termes and Puivert .
1211 March: Fall of Cabaret.
1st April and 3rd May Siege and pyre of Lavaur.
Siege of Cassés, burning of 60 perfects.
The first siege of Toulouse ends in defeat.
August to October: Battle of Castelnaudary.
1212 Conquest of the lands Bas-Quercy, l'Agennais and Commingues.
The inhabitants of Toulouse ask Pedro II d'Aragon for help.
1213 The gentlemen of Occitania and the consuls of Toulouse place Pedro II.
d'Aragon the fidelity. - September: Battle of Muret
- Death Pedro II d'Aragon.
1215 IV. Lateran Council. Raymond VI, Comte de Toulouse, loses
his rights to Simon de Montfort.
Dominic Guzman founds the Order of the
in Toulouse Preacher brothers (Dominicans).
1216 beginning of the liberation war. - Exemption from Beaucaire . Death of
Pope Innocent III. His successor will be Honorius III - Confirmation of the Order of Preachers.
1217 Liberation of Toulouse by Raymond VI. Montfort besieged again the city.
1218 Simon de Montfort falls to Toulouse. His son Amaury takes over.
1221 Death of Dominic Guzman (canonized in 1234).
1222 Death of Raymond VI of Toulouse. Raymond VII becomes Comte de Toulouse.
1223 Death of Philippe Auguste. Louis VIII becomes King of France.
1224 Amaury de Monfort defeated, returns to France and
leaves his rights to the crown of France.
1226 Creation of the fifth Cathar bishopric: Razés.
Beginning of the royal crusade of Louis VIII.
Southern France submits to the crown of France
Death of Louis VIII. Blanche of Castile becomes Regent.
1227 Death of Pope Honorius III. Gregory IX. becomes his successor.
1229 Surrender of the Comte de Toulouse. The Cathars are going to the
Underground. The Council of Toulouse confirms the
Suppression of Cathars in Languedoc.
1232 Montségur will become the seat of the Cathar Church.
1233 Pope Gregory IX. entrust theInquistors - Dominicans - with the
Persecution of the Cathars. Inquisition!
1240 Failure of the last Trencavel Carcassonne .
Case of Peyrepertuse .
1242 Assassination of 2 Inquisitors in Avignonet.
1243 Start of the siege of Montségur .
1244 Fall and Pyre of Montségur .
- On March 16, 225 perfect women and men,
to the stake.
1245 The Cathar Church is destroyed, the last Cathars flee to Lombardy.
1249 Raymond VII death of Toulouse.
1255 Transfer of Quéribus and Puilaurens .
1270 Death of Louis IX.
1271 The free county of Toulouse is incorporated into the crown of France.
1321 Guillaume Bélibaste, the last known Perfect, will be in Castle
Villerouge-Termenés burned.
1329 Last funeral pyre for devout Cathars in Carcassonne .

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