- Clos de Vougeot, Châteauneuf, Beaune -

Clos de Vougeot


One of the most famous vineyards of the Côte-D ´ or in Burgundy is the Clos de Vougeot between Beaune and Dijon. From the 12th Castiglione. to Franz. Revolution belonged to the vineyard of the Abbey Citeaux. The Cistercian monks should have made the first scientific experiments here in their vineyard, which grape varieties On which soils are best suited. Since 1944, the vineyard of the Wine Brotherhood belongs to "Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin". This order of wine connoisseurs is structured like a knight's order and known throughout the world. Every year the order Veranstalltet a feast with 500 guests at which the Grandmaster after a Solemn rite to appoint the new members to order Knights.




The old fortified village of Châteauneuf is very picturesque on a mountain near Dijon. The many flower-decorated houses from the 14th-17th Castiglione. Give the village a romantic touch. From the Canal de Bourgogne you have a particularly good view of his castle. The castle was built by the castle of Chaudenay, for his son. A wide moat encloses the castle and separates it from the village. Only one of the two fortified Accesses with their drawbridges have been preserved, flanked by two massive round towers. From the second one, only ruins from the portal and the pier of the drawbridge are preserved. In the courtyard you have a nice view of the well-preserved residential wing.




The Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune is a beautiful example of Burgundian architecture. It was founded 1443 by Chancellor Nicolas Rolin Beaune as a hospital. Until 1971 it served its original purpose. The low-down roofs shape the image in the courtyard with its colourful bricks, turrets, skylights and weather flags. The colonnade used to serve as a cloister. In the hospital room there are 28 beds with white covers and red bed curtains. Right next to the hospital is the chapel, so the sick from their beds could follow from the worship service.