- Beziers -


Béziers is the home of Pierre-Paul Riquet.

It owes its construction to the Canal du Midi.
About 36 BC, in Roman times, Béziers was already a city.
The city is situated on a plateau steeply above the left Orbufer.
Béziers are happy to celebrate. A feast reminds of Aphrodisius, the first
Bishop of Béziers. From him comes the landmark of the city - a camel - off,
Because the saint should come from Egypt.

The massacre of 1209:
Béziers was besieged at the time of the Cathars crusade.
The entire population, Cathars and Catholics, fought
Outside the gates against the Crusaders.
However, they were soon beaten back. This is how the Crusaders
Into the inner city, and directed among all the inhabitants a dreadful
Slaughter. They murdered themselves in the churches.
Subsequently, Béziers were looted and burned.


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