- The Canal till Vias -

- The Canal till Vias -

The Canal du Midi, with a length of 241 km, was inaugurated in the spring of 1681 by Louis XIV.

Connected to it are Toulouse and the Garonne with the port of Sète.
Pierre Paul Riquet, who created this masterpiece, died before the canal was completed.
Its apex is of 189 m, therefore needing a large number of sluices.
There are currently 63 sluices with 98 lock systems in operation.

The 9 Fonserannet sluices at Béziers are a special attraction.
Similarly, the 240m-long canal bridge over the river Orb, while the Malpas canal tunnel
has a length of 160 meters and crosses the Ensérune mountain.
It is about 20 meters wide and approximately 2.50 m deep.
The Ouvrages de Libron are described here


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